Fuel early crop growth by applying seed nutrition that strengthens and nourishes plants when they need it most.

Early stages of crop growth are mission critical for securing a successful yield. Giving proper nutrition to the seed ensures availability of nutrients at the very beginning of a plant’s life cycle. With its innovative, patent-pending seed nutrition portfolio, Rocket Seeds® delivers a flexible, highly-concentrated nutrient source for young crops, while reducing cold and water stress.

Rocket Seeds boast an award-winning combination of nutrients formulated to increase root growth, nitrogen levels, nutrient uptake, and boost nodulation to maximize crop performance. Through extensive research and development, we are dedicated to designing products that deliver better, earlier availability of nutrients to every plant, at every crop stage, across every acre.

Provides nutrition when plants need it most
Creates longer, more developed root systems
Boosts resistance to early-season stress
Offers grower flexibility with crop and soil-specific formulations